28 June 2015


After I took the TomTom Ram mount off the Explorer I had expected fitting it on the R3 would be simple. No chance. 

The R3 has larger diameter handlebars and the u-bolt I had was too narrow. There started search for the larger one that came in the TomTom box. Of course it wasn't there but I got lucky and found it in with some other assorted crap. 

Finding a suitable place was always going to be a challenge but I think I managed it. 

Luckily I didn't cut the cable so I have the full metre with the BMW type plug on the end. The power socket on the R3 is behind the engine on the left side. There is also cover that side covering the throttle bodies and injection. The wire fits nicely in there, leaving a loop at the bar end to cope with lock to lock turns. That's the theory anyway.

The other job was to fit the Klicbag chromed brackets. Triumph use Torx head bolts and Klicbag use Allen.

I didn't have any big enough and luckily my bike club mate in the Meldrews. Cal, did.

It took about ten minutes to fit the brackets and then I popped the saddlebags on. 


I think they look pretty good. They are locked on from the inside with a key that locks the handle.

What's next? Maybe fit the Givi tank bag? Need to see if the Tanklocksystem will work on the R3!

Plus.  Of course Baloo needs to be found a good home. With the current lack of a screen he will be back in the wind after two years of shelter!

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  1. Baloo looks pretty good sitting on that tank. Thank for the link to the new blog. Great name for it too.


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