2 July 2015

Hot Ride

After taking the dog for a walk I pulled R3 out of the garage.

As it was billed as potentially the hottest day of the year so far, I chose to wear my Kevlar lined cargos and Joe Rocket mesh jacket.

In the end it turned out to be the hottest July day on record. Riding along was really okay but once stopped the sun and the heat from the engine was scorchio.

My run was up through Sandling to take a look of the M20. The two lines of trucks parked up during the French strike had gone. I then headed through the country roads through the Elham Valley to Canterbury.

The idea was to check out a camping shop. Except I couldn't find it! I headed south to see what was happening in Dover.

The port was supposed to be closed as the French were still revolting and the port at Calais was closed giving the ferries nowhere to dock.

I stopped off at Whitfield to get to an ATM, and then into the store to get some water! The R3 attracts and audience and guys wanting to chat about Triumph. Many amazed that they are still built here in England.

From there I was going to travel back through the Alkham Valley, but in the end I went into Dover to see what was happening. Amazingly truck free.

The A20 westwards has a traffic restriction. There is a 40mph limit and trucks are supposed to be in the left lane.

And they are, but parked rather than moving towards the the port. 

Once clear I wound her up to 70 and cruised the dual carriageway back to Hythe via Folkestone and the seafront.

The hottest day so far in 2015 seems to have attracted a lot of people to the beach; on a work and school day....

Once home I checked the trip and it seems I have 60 more miles under my belt.

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