1 January 2016

Last ride of the year

Finally, cabin fever alleviated!

Fittingly. The last ride of the year was on the last day of the year. After taking Reggie out for a walk on the beach we had lunch and as the sun was still out so I togged up and set off.

I wore my new Aldi boots for the first time. I bought them in the summer but have stuck with my old Oxtar boots. They were alright. For only £29.95 I wasn't expecting too much. They have a waterproof lining.   The only minor problem was that on the left boot the gear change pad is a little uncomfortable. Maybe with thicker socks it will be better.

I had a ride along the coast to Folkestone and thought that maybe the Battle of Britain Memorial might be open and failing that, the Cliff Top Cafe would be for a warming break. Sadly both were closed so no picture with a Spitfire and no tea break!

On the Cliff road overlooking the sea, the wind got up with some very strong gusts. I decided to go home as the sun went down as it had turned cold.

On the M20 the wind was even stronger and holding Pepe in a straight line was getting harder. In the end I came off at Cheriton and came the back roads route home.

All in all it was shortish ride!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo, glad you got out for a ride.

    We managed to get out today, temperature right at freezing when we left and it warmed up a little in the sun.

    Happy New Year.


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