19 June 2016

Sissy Bar Bag

I have been lusting over some extra luggage for a while.

Checking forums there are lots of guys with some really good looking Kuryakyn or Saddlemen bags that are designed for the cruisers or customs and that attach to the sissy bar.

The plan was to look at them on a recent trip to the States, the natural habitat of the cruiser. In the end this never happened and so the lust has been cooled.

Instead I have invested a few pounds in a bag from a friend of a friend. It's not new, but hardly used.

It's basically a largish square bag with two pockets on each side.  There's a roll bag that is supposed to fit on the top but I have no idea how. There's no waterproof cover so everything will have to go in waterproof bags inside it.

I tested it for fit earlier and it has two velcro straps that one fits under the sissy bar pad, the other across it and two others to anchor it to the rack. It's semi rigid and looks like once it is filled with clothes etc it might firm it up.

Whilst out there messing about I fitted my new number plate complete with GB badge surrounded by the EU stars. These are legal in all EU countries.

1 comment:

  1. That looks like it will hold lots of goodies while out riding.

    FYI - Hubby had Saddleman bags on his Triumph America cruiser and really liked them.


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