19 March 2017

Ride out

Today would have been the Meldrews' March meeting but most of the regulars were away and I was down with a cold. So I didn't feel like a breakfast meeting.

We took the dog for his walk and were back for lunch.  By 3pm I needed to get out and so it was.

Firing up the engine I saw that the miles to empty on the clock was 12. I am sure it would have been more when I was last out. Obviously not.

First stop was Tesco for petrol.  A ride up the A20 and past the Blue and White where I should have been some five hours earlier.  No waiting but annoying that "pay at the pump" wasn't working again. Always seems up the swanee when I am on the bike.

Where next? I decided to head for the coast and then loop back home. So opted for the B2070 to Brenzett and then the A259 to Romney, then Lydd and onto the Dungeness Estate. I was too late for the railway cafe although there was a train in the station.

Instead I tried to get a pic of the bike by the old lighthouse. The sun wasn't doing me any favours and so I took just the one.

From there it was back along the newly resurfaced estate road back to the public road and along the coast back to the 259 and home. A short detour across country via Burmarsh and West Hythe.

I was out about 90 minutes in all and for mid March it wasn't too cold.

In the picture you can just make out PepĂ© in the dark shadow. 

1 comment:

  1. For a big bike it looks small compared to a lighthouse. I guess we all look small in comparison. Glad you got out for a ride.


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