28 March 2017

Vimy 100

It's less than two weeks to go. I have my ferry booked and even took up the P&O offer to have RAC cover just in case Pepé breaks down.  Like all insurances you might never need it but...

So whilst I have a while before I need to pack the big lock and the panniers with stuff to wear whilst on foot at the ceremony, my thoughts turn to where to park.

The monument itself will be closed to the public, or at least private vehicles, with a shuttle bus service being laid on to take the public up there. As yet, there are no details in the website to say where the parking will be nor where the shuttle buses will run from. I assume as with the Somme 100 event last July the two will be about the same place. But where?

The FAQ:

Q 8: Will there be parking available onsite for the April 9th ceremony? Will there be accessible parking for those with mobility impairment? Will the site be wheelchair accessible?
A 8: There will be no vehicle access to the Vimy Memorial site for the ceremony on April 9. The Vimy Memorial site will be accessible to those with mobility impairments. More information will be posted on the website as it becomes available.
Q 10: Will transportation be available to and from the ceremony?
A 10: A public shuttle system will operate to transport the public to and from the Vimy site. Information about shuttle schedule, pickup points and designated parking will be posted here as it becomes available.
At the moment none too helpful. I go and check everyday.  I need to get the parking/shuttle into the TomTom so that I can find it off the A26 motorway.

On this trip I will be Johnny No-mates but I expected as much.  Things to do nearer the time. Decide what camera to take and charge the batteries up. Canon DSLR or Samsung compact?  Charge up the external power supplies for the mobile phone. 
A couple of pictures off the Canadian site.

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