26 June 2017

AMRR 2017

Just a week to go until this year's Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride, I have managed to source a Royal British Legion car-poppy to install on PepĂ©.  I need to find a space for it now. I might put it on one of the screen brackets.


After missing the last two years due to the heart attack and the Somme 100 I am pleased to be able to attend again.  

It's usually a nice run up to Cambridge although to get there in good time it it mostly motorway plus the added hassle of the Dartford Crossing through the tunnel.

The local RBL Riders group in Kent are setting off a bit too early for me as they are leaving the A2 Services at 0845. I am not planing leaving home until 0900 and the RV is about 45 mins from home!

I might catch up with them on the road as I am not planning a stop once I have a full tank of fuel and they have a few meeting points along the way.

On the way up I'll see if I can get the 410 to work on the bike! I know where I am going but some assistance with fuel stops would be appreciated.

Photos from past runs.

Update: Found somewhere go put the large poppy.


  1. The car poppy sound interesting. The Legion in British Columbia used to hand out poppies every year on Remembrance Day, but that was the only time of year and then it was the ones on a pin for your lapel. I miss being able to wear them, they don't do it down here that i've seen.

  2. The Poppy Appeal really kicks off about the beginning of October leading up to what we call Remembrance Sunday on the nearest Sunday to November 11th. Why we can't have it on the 11th like the other allied countries in Europe I expect is down to big business that really runs this country.

    Poppies are made by ex-servicemen at RBL factories and send all across the globe. Claire's company has a contract and takes them to Europe in their trucks especially to Belgium. They are then sold by volunteers across the country, for a donation, no fixed price. The Poppy Appeal online shop sells things all year around. The same here.


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