6 June 2017


When you own a Rocket keeping a note on fuel consumption isn't really necessary. However, as an exercise I find it quite good to keep a record so I can see what is happening when I am out. A bit of fun. 

Oddly, the app that worked on the iPhone doesn't work on the Android, so after ages I found Fuelly. It shares with other users and I need to see if there are other Rockets on there.  So over the coming months I'll be able to track the consumption on trips.


  1. We've actually used Fuelly for years for the bikes and for our cars. It works well and you can set service reminders I believe.

    I am trying to figure out whether to use it for the new bike though as tracking mileage can be a pain on two wheels. Never a pen handy.

  2. At least I know someone that uses it now. I have compared my one entry to other Rockets. Looks like I have a very gentle wrist.


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