20 June 2017

Ride to Work Week UK - 2

The ride home after work was every bit as bad as the way in. In reverse.

The ride down from sunny Islington via Hackney to sunny Darenth took over an hour but did include a fuel stop at Sainsbury's near the Millennium Dome.

I rolled onto the drive at home two hours after leaving work. This included a nice fast run on the motorway as well as the miles of bumper to bumper traffic basically from Dalston to Kidbrooke.  

On the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel I was filtering when the guy in the left lane decided to block me off. Result. My left bar end weight and his mirror interfaced. No damage to me but his mirror knocked back on its hinge. Oh dear. He was effing and blinding at me but maybe next time he'll not deliberately try to block off a filtering biker.  Somehow I think he'll be the same cretin for life.

So was it #commutehappy for me. Was it buggery!

On the road for the three hours fifty to cover 145 miles. Even with the drive to the station, hanging about a bit and then the train,  it is way quicker and in this time of jetstream induced high temperatures,  comfortable and air conditioned! !

Commuting is not for me any more.

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