25 June 2015


Moving from a bike with panniers to a bike with no luggage as standard is a bit of a problem. 

I am off to France for the weekend, next weekend on the battlefield tour of the Somme.

I had a look at the thirty year old Swagman panniers I have in the garage and although they are sound, they need a lot of work to clean and get ready. But on a new bike I need new luggage!

After some weeks of research I sorted the bike I wanted, and now luggage.  

Triumph OEM panniers,  that they fit to the  Thunderbird LT and America LT look very nice but at nearly £700 they are way too expensive.  

I joined a few forums to see what are popular and apart from the OEM panniers, there were two other main choices, Klicbags and another from Belgium.  In the end I opted for Klicbags as they leave very little presence when the panniers are removed. 

That they are removable is a boost as I won't want them fitted all the time. So I ordered a set. They come out at half the price of the OEM models and are also very well regarded.  

They are made in the Netherlands and so the prices on their website are in Euros.  The UK distributor is in the UK Midlands and they have them in stock. The price actually (with tax) adds up to less than the website quoted prices!  Unusual.

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