8 November 2020

Not Going Out!!

Sadly as we enter another lockdown in England it's nearly two months since Pepé and I went out.

Why? I am unable to ride due to tendonitis in the shoulder! I can bearly lift my arm to hold the right bar and throttle.

More Physio. Fingers crossed - at least u can do that.

24 August 2020

Plug Time

After a few days idle trying to avoid riding during one of named storms, this one called "Ellen", I finally got the tyre repair done today.

Start mileage - 9978.

Advice was not to exceed 50mph. Anything less than that on a UK motorway is tantamount to suicude.

For the first part I stuck as near to it as I could without getting squashed by trucks.

The last bit I upped to 60.

I arrived about 1015. Left about 1315. I had about an hour to wait as they were busy. The job needed the mufflers and rear footrests off to get at the axle. It took a while to get bits off and back on. The tyre was plugged and the wheel re-balaced.

A superb job from Watling Tyres at Swanley.

The next part was to head to Neill's for lunch and then take him to Cooper's BMW to pick his K1600 up after warranty work and the 20K service.

The run wasn't that far but we seemed to be following the rain and the road was wet, so I took it a bit carefully.

Once he was sorted I set off home. Just a little drizzle and then it was back to following behind the rain.

End mileage - 10122.

19 August 2020

Bastard Nail 2

I guess I should buy a puncture repair kit, but now would simply be bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Instead I called the RAC after I got back from my eye test. 

It took about two hours for the patrol to arrive. Ten minutes later and after having to use three plugs it was sorted and the tyre upto 40psi.

Tomorrow, hopefully it will have stopped pissing down with rain and I can get upto Watling for a professional vulcanised plug fix.

I contacted the Swanley branch as well as Gillingham. It's further to go at no more that 50mph on the M20, but a bigger branch. Fingers crossed it doesn't take all day!

18 August 2020

Bastard Nail

When I left my brother's place yesterday he said he thought the rear tyre looked a bit flatter than normal.

I rode home 40 miles and never felt a thing. This morning. Tyre flat.

Checked pressure with my new gauge and 5.5psi!

As I don't have a lift I had to roll it back with Mrs D looking in the tiny gap between the numberplate and ground. After about a length of the bike she found the little bastard in the centre tread. Nail.

Using my old electric pump running off the car I put in 40psi. 

Then started the ring around.

Laguna Triumph won't repair a tyre,  a vulcanised plug has always been safe from my GSXR1100 to my BMW R1150GS. They also won't take the wheel off so I can get it repaired at Watling Tyres up the road as they say it will occupy an entire work bench for as long as it takes.

Watling at Ashford can do the plug but only on loose wheels.

They suggested going to Gillingham as they do "Ride in Ride out' and can do the whole job.

I called them. They can do it but only have one motorcycle trained bloke, and I was talking to him. Thursday. First come first served.

As I don't have an emergency plugging kit I will use my expensive RAC Breakdown which covers European breakdown as well as all things UK including Home, and get it plugged.

I feel safer going to Watling Tyres plugged rather than bastard nail in the tyre. 

All in all a bit shit from the dealer's where I bought it and have it serviced. 

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