10 September 2019

Photo Test

With Flickr becoming more and more of a PITA since it was taken over I have been looking for somewhere to store photos to be shared on social media including blogger and most importantly - free.

So I am trialing IMGBB. The photo, below, is linked using html code from IMGBB.  I had to resize it to XL as it was massive. It's the only one I had loafing about on my work computer. Pre-windscreen as well!

Mr Baloo 

8 September 2019

Dover Transport Museum

Today I had a short run out to the transport museum. They we going to announce the winner of this year's raffle.

Luckily it was sunny day and I could wear the Joe Rocket mesh. If only I had worn it to France a few weeks ago! 

I needed fuel and so went along the coast and filled up at Tesco. The miles to empty was 23 miles. I managed to squeeze in only 17.8 litres. At 40mpg I ought to have had more like 70 miles left. 

The ride was then up through the speed neutered Alkham Valley. An okay ride.

At the museum I parked on the pavement outside and behind fellow Meldrew Cal's BMW 800. I parked there for the photo opportunity.... see below.

We were joined by Frank and Lisa, also Meldrews, both on their own bikes.  Having had a partner for 15 years that rode her own bike, I do like to see women enjoying the freedom of riding.  We were there drinking tea and chatting and then set off on our various ways home.

I went back through Alkham Valley and a little spurt up the M20 and then the A20 to Sandling and down into Hythe.

The short run from the back of Eurotunnel to the on the A20 to the Sandling turn off is quite a nice run. A little twisty and up and down. One adverse camber that usually catches the unwary out. Today it was power-ranger free but the cyclists always provide some entertainment.

I had overtaken two bikes just after the Roundhill Tunnel and they appeared behind me at traffic lights  in Hythe! They had been on the motorway and I cut across country. 

I also tried out the Yamaha My Ride app. I kicked it off before leaving the museum, sadly it cut off after just three kilometres. Bit crap. 

Testing new photo storage site - imgbb:


28 August 2019

Almost strayed...

Whilst out walking the dog today I almost had ideas of betraying Pepé!

A guy parked at Waitrose on a Ducati Multistrada S. It was red and had luggage, colour matched. It looked really nice. It also had Italian plates.

But. I remained faithful. 

21 August 2019

On the Somme Again - Corbie and Beyond

Finally arrived in Corbie having passed the once elusive Red Baron crash site. This time I didn't stop. Once off the autoroute the new 80kph limit does seem to extend journeys.

I parked across from the cemetery and then went across. 

Corbie Municipal Cemetery Extension

William Devall.

After putting my RBL cross by the stone, I took a photo and then retired. I sat in the shade of the big trees to cool down. 

I was hungry and after some reflection I set off for Albert and the non-toll route home. 

Lunch in town at the Hygge cafe. Plat du Jour. Potatoes with Lyon sausage. The sausage is loaded with pistachios. 

Oh yeah. There was lettuce with a nice dressing. 

As I was riding I had Diet Coke rather than beer. 

Checking the time as I relaxed in the sun I realised I needed to abandon the non-toll route and revert to toll route. Time had got away with me and TomTom was showing an arrival time too late for my booked shuttle. 

On the way back to the bike, parked in the square, I tried out the new toilet. Many years ago on my first visit, it was an old style cast iron pissoir. Now it is brick built. C'est la vie. 

When in Albert a photo of the cathedral and the golden dome is de rigeur. 

Albert Basilica

The TomTom "ride home" route took me back towards Amiens and then on the A16 northwards. 

The Emovis tag worked on entry to the autoroute just as it had on the A26/A1. 

I arrived at the Shuttle just about 5.30pm and the guy managing the queues said "ride to the front" of both French and English border controls. 

Parked in the new bike bays

The trains were retardé. I had an H hanger and F was being retimed to H's time. In the end the bikes were loaded on the last space on that train, eventually leaving 12 minutes even later! Not too bad for me but the rest of the F people were about an hour late!! 

On the Shuttle

The TomTom stats for today

NB. Slightly over the 130kph autoroute limit. 

On the Somme Again - Part 4

A few more new places for me. 

The roundabout route from Bazentin took me past another Newfoundland monument complete with stag.

Sadly,  it was too dark for my phone.. 

I popped up at Mametz and followed signs down roads more suited to a GS!

The Welsh 38th Division memorial. 

It was worth the bumpy uneven road to see this. If I was Welsh I would be proud to have been there, even more than I am to pay respects to these brave men. 

In Montauban I came across the Liverpool Pals monument. It's quite small. 

Another new place is Bell's Redoubt. 

You can read about Donald Bell here. 

Still not at Corbie.

TomTom took me to Albert. We scouted round the town and I filled the tank. An eye watering cost and 122.1 miles covered. 

Halfway between Albert and Corbie is an Australian monument - The Third Australian Division Memorial. 

The road was deserted until I got the camera out! 

Photos taken. 

On to Corbie!!! 

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