19 July 2021

Red Pepé - Au revoir mon ami!

 At 1020 this morning I became the ex-owner of the Rocket III Roadster known a Red Pepé.  He has gone to new owners who will appreciate him and maybe ride him a lot more than I was able to.

I wish him and them well. 

Au revoir mon ami!

28 June 2021

Six years with Pepe!

Pepe's insurance was renewed for another year today. So I thought as I have owned this monster for six years it was time to bring this blog to an end and import the contents to "On the Road Again".

So that it what I have done.

8 June 2021

Cup of Tea - 3

After the problems of last weekend when TomTom decided to have a bit of a loon, I managed to visit only three of the waypoints.

So I have had to re-plan for the last four places I need to complete the challenge. Finding U isn't the easiest in Kent. Finding one on a main road is even harder.  Many of the tracks and shitholes I had to go down on Sunday aren't for the Rocket.

The last four? I hope!!

6 June 2021

Cup of Tea - Having a go at it!

Well that didn't work out as I expected. 

The TomTom satnav/GPS had a wobbler and so I only managed P, O and E before calling it a day. I need to connect it and delete the routes it thinks it has and update the one that I will amend on MyRouteApp.

The E wasn't the one I was expecting.  That both village signs were in quite dangerous areas meant a stop wasn't very clever.

Some of the roads TomTom chose would be difficult on a DR trail bike. But we managed it in the end.

P - Peene Railway Museum

O - Ottinge Court Farm

E - Eythorne

Maybe a POE challenge!

In the end the stats were:

5 June 2021

Cup of Tea - Continued

The best laid plans of mice and men.  Unfortunately there is a balancing act to be done as a married man with a dog.

I sometimes envy people that on a whim, tog up, and then go for a ride all day on their expensive motorcycle. My brother for instance.  He regularly plans trips with a mate that take three or four weeks in the summer before the school holidays make hotels and accommodation too expensive. I can't do that.

So when "real life" gets in the way, then the bike trips have to take a back seat.  Don't get me wrong.  I like going out in the car with wife and dog to places of interest or just to the White Cliffs for a cake and coffee and walk with Reggie. But. Sometimes I want to get my gear on and go for a ride.

Last Sunday the "Family Paul" won out.  Hopefully tomorrow, June 6th and of course the 77th Anniversary D-Day, I can get out and do the trip around the county and get the "Cup of Tea Challenge" chalked off. I need to ride the £15000 worth of bikes locked up in the garage! Thank god for Abus U-locks and chains!

I made small change to the "F" place and have made it Folkestone Invicta FC rather than Folkestone West railway station!


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