8 November 2015

Where there's a wind...

There's a screen.  Or at least there is now.

The new Skidmarx screen.

The screen worked pretty well. It took the wind off my neck, chest and shoulders but has increased the noise a little around my helmet.

When it started to get covered in wet in the misty conditions I could see over it okay.

It needs a bit of adjustment to shift it forward an inch or so and a little lower to be closer to the headlamps.

Weekend I think for that.

Ring of Red 2015

Decided to go to Thurrock and join there. Arrived about 1230 after a petrol stop on the way.

Pepe does about 180 to the tank before I start to get nervous. So as it clipped up 115 on the odometer I decided to fill up to ensure I had enough to get to the start and join the ride. It is easily 60 miles home from here. Doing the maths convinced me to tank up.

Even in misty drizzly weather sitting in a large column of bikes is hot business, once the fan kicks in.

We were on the road and the M25 just before the allotted hour.

Well done to the marshals in the absence of the local police service. 

The photographer, former SOC member and Kent Centre Sec, Roger Wood, for the run from Thurrock stood atop the van belonging to  one of the charities we were supporting.

I had cable tied one of the Ride of Remembrance car-flags to the sissy bar but sadly I didn't get enough wind to fly whilst stopped.

2 November 2015

Screen fitted

Today I was working from home after the trains were cancelled and I came home from the station!  I did a bit of work, you can only do what is in front of you on the helpdesk software, and so  I had a late lunch and decided to have a look at the screen fittings.

In the end, it was a 90 minute lunch and it is fitted. The four brackets have to be done one at a time, offering up the screen each time before tightening them in place. In the end it looks pretty central.  No time to test it today. That will have to wait until the weekend.


The instructions are pretty rubbish, and look like an eighth generation photocopy of the original drawing. Still, the photo on Skidmarx website was marginally better. My positioning looks a little different but it seems rigid.

Only a test ride will tell if it is okay.

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