29 December 2015

Cabin Fever!!

It's been a mild winter so far this year. But since I got back from Ostend, Pepe has sat in the garage unused.

With work and then Christmas, allied with miserable drizzle, I've not been out.

This needs to change.

During a routine in-garage check I found one of the grub screws had gone AWOL from one of the screen brackets.

Dashing off a quick email to Skidmarx resulted in a couple of spares arriving g in the post.

Now maybe I can get out for a ride before the end of the year?

Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. It rained all but 2 days in December here in Oregon - and not a light rain. We too have cabin fever. New Years Day looks good for a ride although temps will be close to freezing. Let's see if we still remember how to ride.


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