21 February 2016

Meldrew's February

In the week the weather forecast for today was dry but dull and 14°C. The reality was mild, very dull and drizzly at times.  The road was dry in places but mostly wet and the mud spread on the centre was pretty awful.

The ride up to the Blue and White for the breakfast meet was a bit hairy on the muddy bends, and the wind was a bit gusty.

I rode past another biker meeting the, the Airport Cafe, where there werenobikesbut a car park filled with four wheel boxes.

I was the second bike at the B&W. David already there but also in his car. Cal arrived soon after and we had a good chat over breakfast about all kinds of things including the Somme and Railway trips.

After a couple of hours we went our separate ways. Shame there were only the three of us.

The ride was okay, but not much to have done more than get mud on the bike.

14 February 2016


Had no idea what a meme is. Although it seems like a picture with captions?

Maybe this is one?

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