7 March 2016

Crappy Finish

Have to say disappointed with the finish on my 15 Roadster. Not really an all weather rider nowadays. 

Wheels are corroded and look like shit and the chrome bits and bobs all surface rusted.

Have always washed down after a salty road outing.

The TEX I had before had its recall problems but the finish far more robust.

Never had these problems so soon even on a modern Suzuki!

It doesn't seem like the wheels are coated, just bare metal by th level of corrosion. 

The surface rust blights the suspension caps and even the chrome cover for the rear brake master cylinder looks more like rust with some chrome.

At least the engine finish looks good.


  1. Wow, that is not good. Someone was cheaping out in the paint and chrome department when it was built perhaps.

  2. It is annoying especially after washing the wheels off after a salt-strewn road trip. Looks like I need to get the Solvol and rags out.


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