21 March 2016

Short Ride

It is quite embarrassing but on this short ride I got the odometer to pass 2000 miles. At one time I was easily doing 2000 miles a month and now 9 months to do the same!!

The ride this time was only to the Blue and White for the monthly Meldrews meeting, but it was so good to be out. Even if the weather wasn't the best.

I did shift some of the 1916-2016 Centenary Poppy pins that I got from the Royal British Legion.  They go for a suggested donation of £2 each and I paid out £51 last month to the Legion.  Once everyone that asked for one or more has theirs I'll break even!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes things get in the way and the miles/kilometers don't click by like they used too. One good weekend ride and you'll double it.


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