14 March 2016

Ride out and cleaning session

Due to another appointment to look at my ear problem, I had to have another day leave/holiday/vacation.  It harsh but it seems such appointments aren't covered.

So after the doc's and a longer walk with Reggie, I hauled Red Pepe out of the garage, tutted at the corroded wheels, and then had a ride to the Cliff Top Cafe in nearby Capel.

It was freezing cold. I was in jeans and walking boots and my fingers got a little chilly. That said, it was great to be back on the bike even for just an hour. My ear didn't have any problems, and as I always wear earplugs, it was protected anyway. 

The Shoei Qwest is also pretty quiet (and light!) anyway compared with some of the helmets I'd had in the past, but earplugs are still a must. Ironic that they will help protect my ears and I already have a perforated eardrum to protect!!!!!

At the cafe,  as I arrived, were two seniors on Harley's complete with sticky-out carbs with K&N style filters and loud exhausts. 

They came over and of course they noted Pepe's speckled and salt damaged rims. Much mirth and also advice from them. 

Both said that HD wheels aren't lacquered and needed cleaning. They recommended Autosol and 000 gauge wire wool.

After a cup of tea they cleared off and  I got to ponder on what to do about the wheels.

I set off Halfords to see what alloy wheel cleaner they have. I ended up with a bottle of Autoglym wheel cleaner. As well as cleaning the corrosion it also puts a protective coat on the metal.

Once home I started work on the right side of the front wheel. An hour of working it with a toothbrush it looked so much better.

In fact the toothbrush is not for teeth but is a print train cleaning brush from IBM. It has been in my toolbox since the 70's!

The print trains on the IBM 1403 printer used to get clogged with ink and debris off the ribbon and every so often we'd have to clean them with a can of isopropyl alcohol making sure we had gloves on, otherwise the alcohol made your fingers go white and wrinkled.

I digress.

Even with IBM's finest brush it was hard going. So I checked out the cleaning kit from Peugeot that came with Claire's former 207CC. 

Lo and behold there's alloy wheel cleaner with the hazard symbols, and a brush. This is painted onto the wheels and flushed off quickly. The brush is more like pastry brush but it seemed to work. Flushing it off with clean water seemed successful. 

Part way through the brush and Autoglym process.

I'll need another go with the Autoglym and IBM brush at the weekend. 

Then start on the back wheel.....

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  1. A lot of elbow grease, but I am sure it will look great when you are done. Something to do on the rainy days of spring.


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