18 June 2018

Another 5E today

I had the day off leave today to take Claire to the hospital as she is on the waiting list for a total hip replacement operation. That appointment was at 1215 and we had to get up there in enough time for the traffic etc.  

Before that I had to take the car to a body shop to get an estimate on all the damage to the front and rear left corners. None of it my fault.  All three "damages" were done by what I can only call "arseholes" that have run into it and then driven off leaving my car damaged. No note of course.

Anyway once back from the hospital and lunch Claire went back to work and I was free to either watch the World Cup on TV or get out on the bike. I chose the latter.

I decided to have a run up to Maidstone to J&S to have a look for a new summer jacket.  My Joe Rocket is mostly mesh and I wanted something a little more like Claire's RST with more material and less mesh.  In the end they didn;t have anything I liked at a price I wanted to pay.

On the way back I needed a pee and so pulled into Maidstone Services. Pee over I decided to have a coffee at Costa.  I had lost track of time and when I checked my new imitation Chinese fitbit it was 4.40pm.  I quickly messaged Claire and set off home.  The traffic on the M20 was pretty clear and I cruised at the legal limit (cough).

Another 5E under my belt and 56 miles today.

Start mileage

End mileage

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