7 July 2018


What kind of plum walks around the parking at the rendezvous looking for Rockets and forgets his own. Me?

At least my brother took one of his BMW and got Pepé in too

I was up early for a weekend. Alarm set for 0735 and on the road at 0830. The plan to stop for fuel and meet my brother.

Traffic was a little heavier than expected and I arrived at the Esso at Cobham on the A2 about 0920. Filled up and then had a coffee and pain chocolat.

Whilst waiting for Neill I had a chat with fellow Meldrew Ian who was in his truck and saw me pass him.

From Cobham it was a boring hour up the M25 and then M11 to the RDV at Cambridge Services.

A chat and then a wander around. It was very hot again. By the time I got there my legs and personals were a little hot too.

At least I had my bandana... I just need to grow a longer fuller beard to be a real biker.

There were around 300 bikes and as it worked out we were in the second row of the last column to leave.

I had a look for other Rockets and some decent classics.

Once we had heard the roll call of those that have passed in the last year, we fired up. And left. We left in rows like entering the ark... Two by two until it came to us.

It took ages to get out and onto the A14. Once again Cambridgeshire Police riders were superb. They closed junctions and between the bike cops and foot cops smoothed our way into Cambridge city and out to the Cemetery.


Parked and then hurried to the shade of the memorial wall. The service takes about 30 minutes and although sombre the memorial site is peaceful and beautifully kept.

The rows of crosses of the 3812 men and women killed and have a known burial are a reminder of the role that the US played in WW2 in the air from the bomber groups.

The 5217 names of the missing are engraved on the memorial wall. One of those is Major Alton Miller AAF.

Once over we set off back home. We had a football match from Russia at Neill's place.

England playing Sweden in Moscow in the World Cup.

Amazingly you can be biker and a football fan despite the puerile comments on biker related social media sites.

England won 2-0.

After the game I was off home. With us riding about 70mph in both directions I had hoped to get home without another pit stop.

As I approached Ashford the "miles to empty" was showing 22 miles. Not trusting it I stopped at Tesco. I squeezed 18.54 litres into the allegedly 24 litre tank.....

Another 5E for the 50/50 Challenge.

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30 June 2018

No Assen, B&W instead

With Assen cancelled  it's off to the Blue and White and maybe a little ride around to get the glaze off the rear tyre.

NL18 - Mission Aborted

Sadly due to illness we have had to abort the mission.

I have cancelled the Groningen hotel and as it was after the free cancellation end date we might have to forfeit the €111 cost of the room.

I have sent a "special request" to them through booking.com to explain why we had to cancel in the vain hope they will do something. 

It's not as though they won't be able to let the room as rooms really are sought after for MotoGP weekend.

Luckily Eurotunnel have rebooked my shuttle ticket for another date in the future and I can still use that again.

I advertised the Assen e-tickets via Twitter and have had no interest. So we will definitely be stuck with the loss.

It's a shame but Neill's health is far more important than money.

Update 4th July 2018

It was only in the early hours of this morning that I got a reply to my request to waive the cost of the room. I had emailed booking.com customer services to see what what has happening as it was (at the time) about 2300 on the 3rd.

I am grateful to booking.com and the hotel for waiving the cost of the room.  Sadly we are down the cost of the tickets.  But as I put above, Neill's health is more important.  

In the end he was let out of hospital on Saturday afternoon.  Not fit enough to go.

28 June 2018

Assen 2018


We are due to set off tomorrow afternoon, an overnight in Gent and then up to Assen to see if we can arrive for some practice on Saturday. 


Neill had to go to hospital today and they kept him in. 

So I guess it depends on how he feels... and when the let him out.

Best case scenario is early tomorrow and he feels chipper. Or later and we go Saturday.

26 June 2018

Insurance & Breakdown Cover


My insurance renewed automatically today and I have the certificate printed ready to be stashed away in my little folder ready for the weekend. It must be a sign of being old, or at least 62yo, as I have never had a renewal come in cheaper than the year before.

Insurance always goes up despite your careful driving/riding habits. No convictions and no accidents.  

When I was testing the comparison sites I did one set of quotes where I mentioned the accident I had in 2015 when the van driver ran into my car, and another set of quotes not mentioning it.  Incredibly it made very little difference.  Although not at fault there was a claim.  When I got the car back I had to pay the excess to the repairers and then a few months later I got a cheque from the insurance that covered it.  No loss financially at the time.

Breakdown Cover

In the past as we went abroad very often it was cheaper to have full cover for both home and in Europe.  The club that I don't mention its name (CTIDMIN) was an agent for the RAC.  This meant that restrictions on the age of vehicles was waived, it is generally 15 years old, and the discounts were pretty massive.  Once that ended (agency not membership of CTIDMIN) and the market price was payable, allied with not going away so often, I dropped back to having single journey cover.

I have added it up over the last twelve months to end May and the savings have been around £50 plus change for the year.  Or two or more tanks of fuel for Pepé.

So this weekend. A four day trip to the Netherlands for the Dutch TT at Assen I did the RAC again. Another £19.98 for the extra cover for Pepé to cover breakdown and recovery back to UK.  That's the most important bit for me, getting it home in case of a breakdown or accident.

23 June 2018

New Tyre on

Took the bike up to Laguna Triumph at Ashford and left it whilst we had errands and a visit to my Aunt to fit in. 

Why choose Laguna to fir the tyre I had sourced myself?  Although Oponeo have a network of fitters there are none within 50 miles of where I live.  In fact the nearest two were in Essex and Brighton.

I had a look at a few of the places I have had tyres fitted before and the nearest ride in/ride out place was in London and 65 miles away!  Also, these guys are tyre sellers too.

Laguna charged me half an hours labour inc taxes and that still meant the tyre was £40 cheaper than they would have done it for as supplier and fitter of the big fat Avon. When I collected it they had noticed an exhaust clamp had broken and so they had replaced that in the same labour charge.

It will need a bit of scrubbing in. It's the first "road" tyre I have had fitted to a bike for many years.  The last was years back when I had BT020/021's fitted to the GS as a trial. All previous purchases have been Adventure bike tyres.

This tyre seems to have vast areas of rubber and very few treads cut into it. It looks very shiny!

In the end the odometer showed 6807 miles on the old Metz rear.

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21 June 2018

British Bike Night 2018

Tonight is the British Bike Night at the Wagon and Horses at Charing.  It's about 19 miles from home. I have been a few times as long as it is dry!

Last year was pretty good and as most times, I was Jean Sans-Amis with no Meldrews making the trip up there. Probably same again tonight.

This year the newly formed Triumph Owners MCC "East Kent" section will be going as a group, or individually and meeting up there.  The "Rother" section will be there as well although I know not a one of them!

Hopefully it will stay dry and as today is midsummer's day it ought to stay light a long time. Or at least long enough for me to get up there and take some pics.  I have charged the little pocket Sony in readiness.

18 June 2018

Another 5E today

I had the day off leave today to take Claire to the hospital as she is on the waiting list for a total hip replacement operation. That appointment was at 1215 and we had to get up there in enough time for the traffic etc.  

Before that I had to take the car to a body shop to get an estimate on all the damage to the front and rear left corners. None of it my fault.  All three "damages" were done by what I can only call "arseholes" that have run into it and then driven off leaving my car damaged. No note of course.

Anyway once back from the hospital and lunch Claire went back to work and I was free to either watch the World Cup on TV or get out on the bike. I chose the latter.

I decided to have a run up to Maidstone to J&S to have a look for a new summer jacket.  My Joe Rocket is mostly mesh and I wanted something a little more like Claire's RST with more material and less mesh.  In the end they didn;t have anything I liked at a price I wanted to pay.

On the way back I needed a pee and so pulled into Maidstone Services. Pee over I decided to have a coffee at Costa.  I had lost track of time and when I checked my new imitation Chinese fitbit it was 4.40pm.  I quickly messaged Claire and set off home.  The traffic on the M20 was pretty clear and I cruised at the legal limit (cough).

Another 5E under my belt and 56 miles today.

Start mileage

End mileage

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