25 September 2015

Bikers Loft 1

Packing Pepe (or Red Pepe to use his full name)  doesn't take too long. The panniers aren't that big. Enough for the weekend for one person. I might have to invest in a sissy bar pack in future!

The plan was to meet Trevor from the Meldrews at 3pm at th fuel station in Dover. I was a little late as the traffic was horrendous and Pepe is a little too wide to squeeze through. 

After a malfunction on the Sprint owned by Graham, another Meldrew, we were checked in and waiting to board the ferry at 3.30! A little early.

The crossing was smooth and once across in France I led the way with TomTom's assistance to the Loft.

Parked up in the Loft

More about the loft later.

We met up with the other Meldrews, eight in total for dinner and a few beers.

Day 1 ended with us already into Day 2 and bed.

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  1. Bummer about the traffic, but at least you had a nice comfy ride.


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