16 March 2016

Operation Elbow Grease

After the relative success of the Peugeot Alloy Wheel Cleaner combined with the Autoglym  and IBM brush, I decided to invest in some professional cleaner from a car valeting suppliers. 

For £16 plus £6 delivery, it would have been less but some absolute git made a bid with 12s left on the auction that lifted the price from £10.60 (!!), I have 25 litres or about 5 gallons of the stuff.

It got good reviews as a spray-on, wash-off product used at car washes across the country.

Spray on might pose a problem... So something like this looks the answer.

On eBay for about a tenner. Will check out the hardware stores at the weekend.


  1. Interesting. I hope it works by just spraying on and not too much elbow grease.

  2. Somehow I think it will be spray-on, use brush, then wash-off.


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