8 May 2016

Dover Transport Museum Open Day

The Meldrews decided to have a run to Whitfield and the museum's open day.  After breakfast at the Blue and White a small but elite group made the trip to the museum. Okay, three of us!  Cal, Ian J and me.

The weather was hanging on to the brief look at summer we get in England and it was vented jacket weather all the way.

I forgot my camera, but the iPhone made up for it and I took a few photos on some of the classics plus the Rockets that turned up.

Not along run out, but a few miles on the clock!!

The Gresham Flyer. I had one in dark blue back in the early 60's.

Yes, you are seeing a four cylinder Kwak two-stroke!

Red Pepe!

Yes, that is my finger!

This HD has a different picture on every panel depicting images from the Battle of Britain.

Modern Enfield Bullet 

We split up here as we all lived in different directions.  Ian was in fact going to Ashford rather than home and he followed me to the M20 and then showing off the power of his new 1200GS he was gone.

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