17 June 2016


First trip out for way too long. Just back from holiday in the US, I found a letter in the stack of mail concerning my echocardiogram at the hospital. 

June 16th. Unable to work from home and going to a hospital that I knew the location but not the parking situation, I decided to ride. Also bikes still park for free! 

As there is a football championship on at the moment and England was playing Wales in the "Battle of Britain" at 2pm management weren't allowing any "work from home". At least our management weren't. I know other managers were allowing staff to watch, and schools allowing pupils to watch! What does that say about the trust between bosses and is plebs?

The appointment was 1030am and I was away from home an hour earlier. 

Canterbury is only 20 miles away but who knows the traffic situation. As it was it was just after ten when I pulled into one of the car parks and saw some bikes parked. The faded writing on the road said "m/cycles bay".

Getting in was hard enough as the narrow gap between two disabled car spaces was  blocked by a badly parked GSXR of some description.

I had to ride around the car on the left and across the entrance to Minor Injuries to get into the small space.   

After a reasonably long wait I had the echo and was back at the bike about 1115am luckily GSXR plonker had gone so exit was easy enough.

The "miles to empty" was showing 32 miles and so I set off firstly for Robinson's "The Foundry" to look at jackets. 

My Joe Rocket vented jacket is getting a little tatty and I saw a guy with a Furygan, made in France, semi vented jacket at th Dover run last month, and it looks good. Not cheap, but looks good quality.

They had a few although not my size. New stock in soon.

I had a quick look around the Victory and Indian stock. Very nice. Something for everyone.

From there, I called in ASDA, part of Walmart's web, for petrol and then home via Sainsbury's to pick up some lunch to be home in time for kick off....

England won 2-1 in the last seconds. Both teams played well and Wales must be disappointed. I hope they beat Russia in the next game.

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  1. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

    Hope the results of the ECG are good.


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