31 March 2017

Vimy 100

Checked the website again to see what the travel arrangements are in place and with 9 days to go to the event, there is still nothing about the parking and shuttle up to the site.

There is an update regarding the e-ticketing to the event and for some reason, the French Government has asked that the e-tickets are sent out again.  

"Important Information – New E-tickets being issued

As a result of new measures in place put in at the request of the Government of France, Veterans Affairs Canada is issuing new e-tickets to everyone registered to attend the commemorative ceremony.
All e-tickets will be distributed by April 1, 2017. Further information about shuttles and parking will be provided in the coming days on the Veterans Affairs Canada website at Canada.ca/Vimy-100.
For those who previously received an e-ticket, please replace it with this new e-ticket. Please bring a copy of your official e-ticket and government-issued photo identification, such as a passport, national photo I.D. card or driver's license, on the day of the event. As the wireless network in the area may be very limited, it is highly recommended that people bring a printed copy with them to the site.
Veterans Affairs Canada is working closely with our partners including the Canadian Embassy and French authorities on all aspects of these events including registration and accreditation, security and transportation."

See what happens.

UPDATE 2nd April.

At last the parking and shuttle bus information have been updated on the website.  There are places not that far from the Memorial site and I have loaded one into the satnav. 

The trip from home is about 105 miles and that includes the Shuttle mileage.  

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  1. New e-ticket arrived. Apart from it having some different artwork the main difference is a change from a standard barcode to a qr-code.


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