11 August 2017

Custom Screens

I have been looking at the smaller flyscreens as the big screen on Pepé can be a bit of a pain in the wet as no matter how much polish it has on it, it still becomes a little hard to see through and you have to look over.

I have thought about hydro-dipping but have yet to fnd someone that will reply to an email enquiry or in fact show an example of a Rocket flyscreen suitably decorated. The ones I have contacted can't be short of business as they can't be arsed to come back with a price.

I have seen the work from Chris at Custom-Sculpt.  He does all kinds of different work and has a portfolio of bike work and a lot of R3 stuff.

You can design your own but I have always liked Iron Maiden's "Eddie".  A quick email confirms that Chris has the mould and can make one. I can decide on any colours I want as the mould starts off plain.  He has work piled up and so I'd have to fit in. That's fine with me. Time to put some pennies away.

Update 9/9/2017.

After a few days of looking at hydrophobic liquids I decided to risk buying one to try on the paintwork of Pepe and also on the seen. 

I still like the idea of one of these custom jobs but in the end delivery and cost is a major factor.

Update 15/11/2017

I think this has gone about as far as it is evet going to.  Chris came back to say that it might be a while before he can do it as he hasn't been well.  It's over two months and he hasn't come back apart from a price of £195 for Eddie (above).  I am looking at other options. 

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