18 February 2018

Meldrews' Sunday

Yep today. A milder weekend than of late with minus temperatures overnight being burned off by the early sun.

One again Pepé needed to be boosted by dbpower unit!

I chose a more roundabout way to the meet as I wanted to avoid the smaller country lanes that may still be slippy and debris strewn after many days of rain and the occasional snow storm.

Breakfasts and chat were good as usual. Only four of us as others working or at the London Bike Show.

Then time to ride back home. This time on the back roads.  Most of them dried up a bit but a lot in the shade still a bit slippery and the potholes! Big enough to take out a tyre. Luckily didn't hit one.
So another forty miles completed.

Today, I wore my old Belstaff gloves. Still waterproof and warm in low temperatures.  No frost bitten fingers today.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got out on the bike. A bad time of year for potholes, that is for sure.


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