5 April 2018

50-50 Challenge - 5E (2)

Today just the 56 miles to get another 50-50 ticked off.

Again it needed dbpower to get Pepé fired up. After that no problems. 

I had a run to Rye. It was quite empty considering it's still the Easter school holidays. 

I had intended a 25 mile ride and then turn around.  As Rye was only 20 I had to think of something. So the return was via Ashford and then the M20 to Cheriton. Tesco had a long queue at the filling station so I stopped for a fuel up in Seabrook instead. Fuelly calculated that one at 43.9 mpg. The best since last July.

I'll put together a claim for this later on the 50-50 website.

I got back and stashed the bike away. It will need to come out on Saturday for a cat lick wash to get the mud and road shite that has blown up.

Pepé needs to be clean for the ride to Vimy on Monday.

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