27 June 2015



A slight hiccup as I forgot to take the invoice and my insurance with me. I took the "man bag" with Döra's paperwork though.

So I had an extra ride back home on Döra and back to Laguna.

The R3 was outside and had been cleaned and polished. They had done the first service and fitted the power supply socket. 

Sadly they didn't have the time to fit the Klicbag pannier rails for me, and so I left them at home.

It was a little sad to trade-in Döra but a new era awaits.

My first stop was Tesco to fill the tank and then off via coffee at the Blue & White cafe where I took a couple of pix.

Outside the Blue & White Cafe

Outside the Blue & White Cafe

It is pretty much a fluke that my ShoeI  Qwest matches the bike paint job.

And then it was home. Non-biker life sometimes gets in the way.

At Home

One small job was to assemble the panniers.

When I say assemble, I mean fit the brackets onto back of the Klicbag panniers. I forget to say they arrived yesterday.

Easy-peasy even for someone with ten thumbs!

The next job is to fit the chromed brackets into the bike. Triumph use Torx head bolts and the ones at the rear that also hold the rear mudguard in place have slots way bigger than anything I have in the garage.

Luckily, Cal a fellow Meldrew has some larger Torx bits. The bolts that come with the Klicbags are normal Allen keys.

Next to check how and where I can fit the TomTom!  The u-bolt I took of Döra is too small as the Rocket has larger diameter handlebars. I don't have one but hopefully my brother does have a spare.

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