24 March 2018


For a few years I had been tracking the miles per gallon and fuel usage of my bikes and cars with an app on my iPhones.  Sadly, when I moved to Android from iOS last year I lost that ability. I suppose as I still have the (worthless!) iPhone 5S I could have simply kept it charged and using wifi and the apps. To be honest. I didn't actually think of that until recently. A Doh! moment?

But last summer I was googling about and found Fuelly. I saw it online and setup my vehicles and since June 2017 I have recorded all the fuel stops that I have done in the Insignia and also with Red Pepe. 

I use it to calculate costs (less obvious) and the over UK mpg. When I say costs it is mostly because since having Pepe, I have had to fill the tank overseas in Europe.  In nearby Europe they use the Euro (€) and in Czechia (I hate that new name!) they use the korunna. Of course at home we still use the pound sterling (£).  But at least fuel is sold in litres in all countries.

So in the nine months since I started recording Pepe is:

Embarrassingly low mileage. I need to get out more. Now my health is a little better I hope to! 

Some of the other statistics you can access are what owners of similar vehicles are achieving. 

There are some problems with this as when I registered Pepe it asks for a model year and the only Rocket listed is the R3R ABS and so that's what Pepe is.  He is the only one though.

Looking at Triumph and then R for Rocket lists all the variants separately.  There are 38000+ motorcycles registers - http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle - of which 1558 are Triumph - http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/triumph - of which 28 are Rockets.  The stats don't allow you to pick all 28 in one block. A major problem for me.

However well you control your right hand urges I have to hand it to this guy though. This is his average mpg!

Okay. Not many miles recorded but how the heck!!!!!

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