24 March 2018


For a few years I had been tracking the miles per gallon and fuel usage of my bikes and cars with an app on my iPhones.  Sadly, when I moved to Android from iOS last year I lost that ability. I suppose as I still have the (worthless!) iPhone 5S I could have simply kept it charged and using wifi and the apps. To be honest. I didn't actually think of that until recently. A Doh! moment?

But last summer I was googling about and found Fuelly. I saw it online and setup my vehicles and since June 2017 I have recorded all the fuel stops that I have done in the Insignia and also with Red Pepe. 

I use it to calculate costs (less obvious) and the over UK mpg. When I say costs it is mostly because since having Pepe, I have had to fill the tank overseas in Europe.  In nearby Europe they use the Euro (€) and in Czechia (I hate that new name!) they use the korunna. Of course at home we still use the pound sterling (£).  But at least fuel is sold in litres in all countries.

So in the nine months since I started recording Pepe is:

Embarrassingly low mileage. I need to get out more. Now my health is a little better I hope to! 

Some of the other statistics you can access are what owners of similar vehicles are achieving. 

There are some problems with this as when I registered Pepe it asks for a model year and the only Rocket listed is the R3R ABS and so that's what Pepe is.  He is the only one though.

Looking at Triumph and then R for Rocket lists all the variants separately.  There are 38000+ motorcycles registers - http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle - of which 1558 are Triumph - http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/triumph - of which 28 are Rockets.  The stats don't allow you to pick all 28 in one block. A major problem for me.

However well you control your right hand urges I have to hand it to this guy though. This is his average mpg!

Okay. Not many miles recorded but how the heck!!!!!

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  1. Fuelly is an awesome tool. Troubadour and I both used it for all of our bikes and our cars, but after a few years and thousands of miles tracked just became tired of always writing down our mileage when filling with petrol.

    They do give you all kinds of useful stats though such as miles ridden/driven and cost of fuel per year.


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