14 August 2017

Bird Toilet

Had a run into Folkestone today as I had a dentist appointment and thought the bike would be better.

Nice and sunny. Parked almost outside and was early. Went for a coffee at the cafe over the road. They couldn't make change for a tenner and trusted me to go back. Biker friendly.

After the scraping around I had a walk to Debenham's for another drink and make change.

Back at the bike I couldn't believe it. Bird shit on the screen and tank. Spattered on the chrome work too.

I stopped at the café and paid my £1.30 and rode home to clean the bike.

A short ride that would have been longer without those bloody birds.


  1. I take it the local birds don't like Triumphs? Maybe it was just the color.

  2. They are quite indiscriminate where they crap.... usually gulls.


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