19 October 2017

Ring of Red 2017

Hopefully by November 12th the common  fainting (vasovagel syncope) problem will have receded and I will be fit enough to get out on this run. So far I have been every year since it started.

I sometimes think that I should support the RBLR run to Newhaven Fort but that is a very early start. RoR starts well after local cenotaph events are over and well after the televised Act of Remembrance in Whitehall is over.

Plenty of time to get togged up and out.

I ordered a couple of wristbands. Last year I had two. One went on Pepé's speedo surround and the other disappeared.

The 2015 band is on the rev counter. 2016 pinged off somehow so I asked the organisers if they had any spare.  For a donation I ordered another one.  Then this morning I opened a drawer and there was the "missing" one from last year. Now I have 2 for 2016. One spare! !

One will go on the bike with 2017.


  1. Hope they get your painting figured out. Do they have you on blood pressure lowering meds? That will do it if the pressure has come down naturally.

    Fingers crossed you are well enough for the ride.

    1. Yes. On two pressure and heart rate reducing meds. The problem is that when overly hot the blood vessels dilate but not enough pressure to get blood to the brain and then it shuts down.


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