5 November 2017

Whirr. Clunk. 2

The blogger app gave up the ghost on the original post only about half way through.

After the clunk. I left Pepé in the watery sun on the drive. In the house I called the RAC. Only an hour to wait. Okay.

I'll still be able to get down to Dungeness and meet Cal and Ian and see the old bikes. 

I let them know by sms.

It wasn't 10am yet.  Cal offers to come and bring the jump pack he has in a pannier. I say I can wait for the RAC and not mess their day up. Doh!

The RAC call back. Update. About Noon they say. Bugger. Day ruined.

I go online to look at power packs that I can carry with me in the pannier.

A  note on the Rocket III FB asking for tips boils down to the dbpower 600A portable pack. £69.99 from Amazon Prime.  Tomorrow should be okay for delivery.

Fingers crossed.

Oh yeah  RAC call back with an update "more like 1pm". I say okay, but then call back and cancel. No point at that time of day.

Db power 600A 

Update November 7th 2017

The unit was delivered to my neightbour this afternoon, and they even stuck a card in the letterbox.  Yesterday I only knew they had failed was because I saw it on the online tracking. No card. 

It looks a formidable bit of kit.  I read the instructions before fiddling with it. Truly un-guy-like.  Looks pretty straightforward.  It was charged to about 90% so I put it on to get it to 100%.  We are going to be out on Saturday all day so I need to find some time to try and get Pepé started before I need to be on the road to the "Ring of Red" on Sunday. Maybe in the afternoon before it gets dark.

Update November 11th 2017

Had a little time to test it. Connected it to the bike and pressed the button and Pepe started. I left it running whilst I packed everything away.  Fingers crossed for the morning.


  1. I am glad you got a packable charger. use it once and it has paid for itself.

  2. Amazon Prime not living up to billing. Not arrived.


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