5 November 2017

Whirr. Clunk.

This is the third autumn since I brought Pepé home. But the first since he has begun to be a little temperamental.

We are just at the beginning of a cold snap and today. Press the starter.



I was supposed to be going to a classic bike run. So had to cancel that.

Let the other Meldrews know and called the RAC. "About an hour".

An hour later an update. "About 1230". Some two hours to wait.

If tbis is liable to happen I need to invest in a battery jump tool. Neither of the cars can do it as thru have sealed battery covers.

So let's wait.


  1. Hubby bought a battery jump tool he carries with him on his Triumph Tiger and has had to use it in the cold before when the bike would start.

    Works great. I think he has a Micro Start one. His was one for under $100 but worth every penny. Not only can he jump the bike or car, but has also used it camping to charge cell phones, etc.



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