5 December 2017


For the summer?

I had an email (and no doubt everyone else with a Triumph did!) from Triumph announcing a clear out of parts and accessories.for a range of bike including the Rocket.

When I bought Pepé I wanted the flyscreen but with a combined cost over £250 for the screen and fittings,  I couldn't justify the expense.  Unlike the X model that came with it fitted the ordinary Roadster came with nothing.  

So when I saw in the list of parts at half or even lower price I chased it up. The flyscreen blade came out at just over £40. With all the bits, some genuine parts an some pattern the total cost is about £125.

The reason for pattern parts made by a guy, David Gill, is because the screen needs two brackets to hold it in place. One side is out of stock at Triumph!  And given that the bike is no longer in production as it couldn't meet the latest EU emissions regs, what chance of stuff being made?

What happens if an owner has an accident and needs a replacement?  Looks like tough titty!

I have everything I need.  I had toyed with the custom screen but the guy hasn't come back to me since August (!) and so I have given up on that.

The flyscreen I have bought is the gloss with red stripes to compliment Pepé's existing colour scheme. 

Photo session to follow.

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  1. Good luck getting everything mounted. Looking forward to pics.


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