27 December 2017

No weather for biking

Being on leave from 22nd December until January 1st I had hoped we'd have one mild day to get out on the bike. It's a month since I was last out and it seems like much longer. 

Sadly it has been raining or merely drizzling every day and then it's taken a turn for the worst. Light snow and daily highs of 2°C aren't conducive to two wheel transport.

Thursday this week is supposed to be the mildest day. But...

Update: 31st December 2017

Sadly the Met Office were wrong. As usual. Despite all the computers and weather stations and access to every nutter with a pine cone, forecasts are still pretty rubbish.

The forecast changed and there should have been a five hour window today where the bike might have been dragged out of the garage.  Sadly. That never happened. It rained all day. It has rained all evening.

The forecast for tomorrow is much the same. Looks like 2018 will start as 2017 has drizzled away....

1 comment:

  1. Brrrr. Those temperatures are not fun on a bike even when dry and not icy.

    Happy New Year!


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