6 March 2018

East Kent TOMCC

The inaugural meeting of a new branch of the Triumph Owners MCC.

It's been a while in gestation and tonight was the date chosen for the first meeting.

Luckily last week's snow had gone but the roads were still pretty away with accumulated grit and muck in the middle.

And I chose to take Pepé. What's that sound on game shows when the contestants get an answer wrong? Uh-uh?

After getting Pepé out of the garage and booting it up with the dbpower unit,  cleaned off some muck, it was ready.

It was only 5 miles to the Drum Inn but it was horrible. Dark and wet road. Crap everywhere.

It was getting cold so I stayed about 45 minutes, had a coffee. And as the only one that had gone by bike (!) I left.  It was worse on the way back. Fogged visor.  Cold and still damp road.

Some pix taken during fettling time:

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