2 April 2018

50-50 Challenge - 5E (1)

The Easter weekend has been pretty much of a washout as far a motorcycling is concerned.

The long holiday weekend is 4 days. Friday was raining all day. Saturday was little better and we did manage to get out with the dog for his walks.  Sunday looked better on paper but we had things to do.

So it all hinged on Monday. The forecast was for more heavy rain but in the end it turned out warmer. In the morning we did a bit of shopping and then had a walk with Reggie. Warm enough for a coffee outdoors.

So. To Challenge 5E.

Challenge 5E is for 50 rides of over 50 miles. It should be easy to do but we need to be able to get out and do it.

So today was the chance to get a 5E under my belt.

It was dry when I set off. Once again the dbpower unit was needed to fire Pepé up.

The idea was to go around 25 miles and then turn about. In the end I headed out of Hythe along the M20 and A20 to Dover and then up the A2. No great plan just a ride to get some charge in the battery. As I approached Canterbury the fuel light came on and the miles to empty display showed 0.

I detoured into Canterbury and up Sturry road to fill up at ASDA  (a Walmart company). I only got 17.34 litres in and that was a much as I could squeeze in. Fuelly calculated that at a mere 37.1 mpg.

The Rocket is supposed to have a 24 litre tank. So with 6.6 litres left I would have expected the miles to empty to be way above 0. After all. There was a quarter of a tank left! 

I had taken a photo at the start of the ride and again at ASDA. A more direct run home would see the 50 come up safely.

As it was it started to spit with rain as I left Canterbury but nothing more. The roads were greasy and the middle full of mud and other rubbish. So it needed more care.

In the end it was 55 miles once I got on the drive.  The last photo included the Challenge booklet or a print I did of the cover to save the booklet itself.


  1. Nice! I am surprised your fuel range was showing 0 with that much left in the tank. Hard to get used to looking at "range left" so used to just an 'idiot light' telling me when it is low.

  2. That sounds like a fun little book, I look forward to reading about you completing the unique challenges.


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