15 April 2018

BSB Round 2

Up at 0745. Out by 0845 after breakfast for me and for Reggie.

When I was getting my gear together last night I found a pair of cordura trousers I had bought last year and never worn. In fact had forgotten. These replace jeans and over-trousers and are waterproof. They fitted a dream.  Not too expensive and made by ARMR Moto.

I was to meet my brother Neill at the lay-by opposite the Oakdene Cafe where the A20 meets the M26 at 0930. A few holdups on the way to the motorway meant that I was a few minutes late. He took a photo of me. I don't have many of me and the bike.

The run up to Brands took about ten minutes. This year after all the bad weather and snow even, the usual parking was too wet and so they had a great idea. They opened the GP circuit to bike parking. What a great idea. Except this meant not going near the main entrance but in a side gate on the way from the A20 to the entrance to the Paddock.

The day was miserable really, weather-wise, and with 9 races to get in something had to give. The sidecars managed one lap before one spewed oil or something on 250 yards of track causing a long delay.

The rain came on and caused a problem in the Supersport race. The second Superbike race was halted when it started to rain more heavily. The restart changed the entire dynamic.

Once the race was over everyone headed for the parking.  It was relatively easy getting out and once on the open road I cruised home effortlessly. 

A stop for petrol at Tesco and then home.

I managed another 50-50 Challenge 5E but missed the bonus points that would have been awarded by going in the front gate and having Red Pepe pictured with the "Brands Hatch" sign. In the end there will be other chances to "bag" those points.

Standing up for seven hours with only a few minutes respite sitting played havoc with my back!  I could hardly walk back to the bike at the end of racing.  Once seated on PepĂ©'s large seat I felt a lot better.

It's not as if we don't have any of these in the garage! We had two and forgot them when we went to Download and then we had to buy a couple of new ones from a Decathlon near Derby. One of these should bungie across the back seat!  We have a choice of colours and patterns!

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  1. The weather may have been crap but at least you were out on the bike.


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