10 June 2018

Another 5E (5?)

After a drive out to Biddenden Vineyard for their open day with Claire and Reggie followed by a stop at Sissinghurst Castle Garden I took the chance to get out on Pepé.

The original plan was to just go out for a short run to make sure it was running. In the end I went for another 5E.

Firstly, I thought I'd head up to Canterbury and fill the tank with their cheaper ASDA unleaded.

Then out towards the Sarre Windmill. I didn't get there as the fork I took missed it. In the end I turned off the A28 and went cross country via Preston to Wingham, then down through Elham Valley and home.

The end picture shows 52 miles. The Rocket odometer deals only in whole miles. The trips are better and at least have tenths.

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