21 June 2018

British Bike Night 2018

Tonight is the British Bike Night at the Wagon and Horses at Charing.  It's about 19 miles from home. I have been a few times as long as it is dry!

Last year was pretty good and as most times, I was Jean Sans-Amis with no Meldrews making the trip up there. Probably same again tonight.

This year the newly formed Triumph Owners MCC "East Kent" section will be going as a group, or individually and meeting up there.  The "Rother" section will be there as well although I know not a one of them!

Hopefully it will stay dry and as today is midsummer's day it ought to stay light a long time. Or at least long enough for me to get up there and take some pics.  I have charged the little pocket Sony in readiness.

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