30 June 2018

NL18 - Mission Aborted

Sadly due to illness we have had to abort the mission.

I have cancelled the Groningen hotel and as it was after the free cancellation end date we might have to forfeit the €111 cost of the room.

I have sent a "special request" to them through booking.com to explain why we had to cancel in the vain hope they will do something. 

It's not as though they won't be able to let the room as rooms really are sought after for MotoGP weekend.

Luckily Eurotunnel have rebooked my shuttle ticket for another date in the future and I can still use that again.

I advertised the Assen e-tickets via Twitter and have had no interest. So we will definitely be stuck with the loss.

It's a shame but Neill's health is far more important than money.

Update 4th July 2018

It was only in the early hours of this morning that I got a reply to my request to waive the cost of the room. I had emailed booking.com customer services to see what what has happening as it was (at the time) about 2300 on the 3rd.

I am grateful to booking.com and the hotel for waiving the cost of the room.  Sadly we are down the cost of the tickets.  But as I put above, Neill's health is more important.  

In the end he was let out of hospital on Saturday afternoon.  Not fit enough to go.

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