3 June 2018

Rear Tyre

I've read so much about tyres and it looks as though it will be a straight swap between the Metzeler ME880 as fitted as standard or the Avon Cobra AV72.

Googling isn't much help in this size of rear but US sites have the option of a Bridgestone alternative.

I am hoping that this one will get me to Assen and back at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

This Metz has just short of 7000 miles on it and hopefully I can get another 1000 out of it.

On the various R3 sites some guys are saying they only get 2500 to a rear! But most of the UK R3 people are recommending the Cobra.

Update: 4th June 2018

Had a Google search and found the cheapest place for the Avon is Oponeo at £146 with free delivery. So I ordered one.  It has 4 to 5 days delivery.

Now to see when I can get it booked in the Laguna to fit it.

Even though there looks to be plenty of tread left I decided to change it before Assen. Laguna have it booked in on the 23rd June.



Update: 11th June 2018

Tyre not yet arrived.  The 4 to 5 days delivery is 7 days today. Hopefully it will be delivered to my neighbours in our absence.

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