10 June 2018

TCX Explorer 3 Goretex boot

Okay. I actually forgot all about these boots. Back in 2013 I bought a pair to replace my old faithful Oxtar boots.

I wore them on the run to Scotland on the Ashes Tour. They were okay. Very stiff but they performed okay except for the rubber gear change protection on the left boot wore through. In 200 miles before it showed was not very good at all.

It's not as if the gear change on the Explorer was particularly stiff or hard. Au contraire it was silky.

So I sent them back after when I got home and after a few emails and new pair arrived. I didn't even unpack them as I had no confidence in them and so they sat in the box for nearly two years (!) and I then wore them once but that was it. Back of the wardrobe and Old Faithfuls came out.

So today I dug them out. I need them for the Assen trip and so they need wearing.

They are leather and cordura panels with a Goretex lining.

Today on a fifty-two mile (5E) they were okay. The cordura helping to make them bend more easily although the leather needs to be worn in and will soften over time. I hope.

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