8 June 2018

TomTom 410

Finally got around to testing the "new" TomTom mounting kit onto Pepé.

I've used it on a few trips away in the car and to Spain recently and Florida even and used the hire cars there with no problems.

The new kit includes a locking bracket to the handlebars and one to lock the 410 itself to the bracket. It will stop the casual passer-by scumbag thief but the determined thief will get it. It will save me unshipping it at petrol stops and slipping it in my pocket.

I like to leave a little as possible on the bike when I leave it, such as overnight, and with the old setup I have removed the whole lot just leaving the ball bolted to the handlebar. With this I just need to undo the connector and remove the cable at the mounting end and pull the plug  from the socket. Cleaner and easier.

I had fitted a Bosch type plug on the end of the cable when it first arrived, but didn't test it. I have "sealed" it with my usual foot of insulating tape wrapped tightly so seal the plug where the wire goes in. The same has worked for a long time on the older model.

The 410 doesn't seem to have a battery charging icon on the front page but as a test I took the plug out of the socket. Sliding the unit into the mount had no effect. Then popped the plug in and it powered on. The same as it does in the car.

I need to test it with both my LS2 and Shoei helmets and their Bluetooth system before I plan to use it when we go to Assen in a few weeks. Okay. Three weeks today.

I have the routes that Neill has created installed and the latest map updates and so once paired with one of the helmets sets we should be okay to go.  

It is already connected to my phone and that allows the My Drive app to work and create a route on the phone app and send it to unit. It works pretty well unless you are in a hurry!!

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