29 July 2019

On the Somme Again

As I am off for a few weeks over the summer I have decided to have a day on the bike. 

My vain attempts to ride the bike more and from MoT to MoT and get more miles under the wheels than last year seem to have been somewhat blunted.

So later in August I have planned and booked a trip across to France. Although the ferry is cheaper than the Shuttle it is less convenient. 

When the Shuttle isn't plagued by delays and cancellations that is!

So. The date will be August 21st. Midweek might have less of a crush!

I have planned a route that will take me down the motorway as near as possible to Corbie to visit William Devall and then have lunch.  

My plan is to ride back via Bazentin le Grand to see where the KSLI 7th Bn attacked and came a cropper on the undamaged wire. I have chosen a no-toll route back 

Out via A26

In - no tolls

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