12 June 2018

TomTom 410 fitted - again!

One of the problems with the lazy-boy set up is the need to maintain a loop at the front that allows the 'bars to be turned left and right to full lock. (https://rocket3man.blogspot.com/2018/06/tomtom-410.html)

With a cable coming up from around my left ankle to the headstock, it needs to leeway as the unit is mounted quite high up on the left bar. On the old setup it was easy to keep a loop that worked. The new cable seems more limp and keeping a loop seems much more difficult.

So I need an alternative. Hard wring the cable into one of the connectors under the tank might solve the power problem and also ensure that power was only available when the ignition was on, but doesn't allow for a clean removal of all but the ball.

So after a hunt around my brother, Neill, found this solution. It's handlebar mounted. Available in chrome to match the bars and other stuff on Pepe. But...... How much?

As I was still gulping for air he found a more reasonable option, https://tinyurl.com/ybmbkyyh, with postage it comes out at £12. I ordered one.

There is an option that connects straight to the battery for a few pence less but I opted for this one as a stop gap. It needs to be carefully threaded through from handlebar, where I can cable tie the socket, under the tank to the power socket.  At some later date I can get it connected under the tank. Until then, I will have to remember to unplug it when the bike is left as the socket in live all the time.

I don't want to cut the TomTom OEM lead as they aren't cheap, or at least until it is all sorted and working. In the short term just coil it and cable tie it.

Update 16/6/2018

The Towzatronics cable arrived pretty quickly and I put it on today.

At first I thought a metre wouldn't be long enough but it is. I have slid it into the gap between the tank and the air filter as I had done before with the TomTom OEM cable.

The socket end pops out with sufficient length to allow full left and right steering lock. I had hoped to get it more central but the length wasn't there.

Instead it is cable tied to existing wiring from the left handlebar control.

The OEM cable only needs to be about 6 inches long but for now looped nicely and cable tied.

Let's see how it works before cutting...

Updated 18 June 2018

Had the full kit fitted today on the ride out to see where it will be when it is in use.  The setup seems a lot larger and more obtrusive than the old unit.

Update 23rd June 2018

Now I have a functioning power socket at the top end of the bike I thought that it could be used for other things like charging my phone.... or camera on the move.  Anything really that takes a USB.

So I bought an adaptor.  Hella DIN to USB.  It can put my phone in the tank bag and run the USB lead to it from the new socket.   Whizzo!

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